Stretch Energy Code Overview
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Massachusetts State Building Code allows towns and cities to voluntarily adopt a more efficient building code commonly called the Stretch Energy Code. The stretch energy code provides a streamlined and cost effective route to achieving approximately 20% better energy efficiency for new residential and commercial buildings compared to the current baseline energy code.

The Massachusetts Executive Office of Energy & Environmental Affairs (EEA) and Board of Building Regulations and Standards (BBRS) worked together to create the stretch energy code to reduce energy costs, cut our dependence on imported fuels, and address concerns about climate change and national security in response to requests from numerous Massachusetts cities and towns.

The BBRS and EEA collaborated with regional and national code experts to develop one alternative stretch energy code (Appendix 120.AA) that is consistent across the state without having multiple competing code standards developed and implemented at the town or city level.

Adoption of the stretch code fulfills one of the requirements of the State’s Green Communities Act and will make the Town of Lexington eligible to receive Green Community grants. There is up to $10M of Green Community grant money available annually to be apportioned among qualifying Green Communities.

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