Stretch Energy Code Benefits

Benefits for Homeowners, Community, Town, Builders - Short Presentation

Green Community – Adoption of the stretch code fulfills one of the requirements of the State’s Green Communities Act which makes towns and cities eligible to receive Green Community grants. There is up to $10M of Green Community grant money available annually to be apportioned among qualifying Green Communities. Green Communities Presentation

Saves Money – Homes built to the stretch code will return typical Lexington homeowners between $27,400 and $54,400 over 10 years. Stretch compliant commercial buildings can be cash flow positive from day 1 with internal rates of return often over 100%.

Increases Comfort & Health – Energy efficient buildings are less drafty, healthier, and more comfortable. They are warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer.

Consumer Protection – Third party performance verification provides evidence of construction quality, relative energy efficiency, and cost of operating a home.

Improves our Economy – Stretch code compliance creates local jobs. Reducing the money spent on foreign oil enhances our national security. Savings can benefit our local economy.

Improves the Environment – Will reduce pollution and greenhouse gas emissions by reducing our energy consumption.

Nothing New Needed – The measures needed to meet the stretch code are all common building techniques and the Home Energy Rating System (HERS) rating method is already used by the Massachusetts Energy Star Homes program. A substantial percentage of the Energy Star homes being built in the state today are attaining a HERS rating of 65 or better.

No additional work for town – Town building inspectors will retain sign-off authority, but will shift workload for inspection and verification to third party energy engineers.  (HERS raters)

Enhances Builders Competitiveness – State and federal programs provide incentives to builders to minimize homeowner’s operational expenses and offset builder’s training costs. Experienced Energy Star builders have learned to consistently build stretch code compliant homes at or near the same cost as homes built to the current building code.

Enhances Lexington’s Desirability – Lexington’s excellent home values are dependent on providing superior schools, community services, and highly desirable homes.